by Snow Fox Apprentice

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Snow Fox Apprentice
(EP) “(a)symmetry”

There is a lot to be gained from slightly skewing certain objects that supposedly correspond to an equal and opposite on the other side; the solid, static formation is given character, scratches and cracks add another value: the pattern appears to become unstable, a lot less predictable, and almost new. Snow Fox Apprentice gravitates toward the ideal (symmetry) only to stray from the path ever so subtly with (a)symmetry, a collision of variegated textures, an ode to the odd obliqueness of syncopation. (a)symmetry is not a total reconfiguration or deconstruction of a particular form with multiple events happening simultaneously to produce an absolute refutation of symmetry; it is a singular entity where the gestures toward the indeterminate are small, minutely tweaked and expertly arranged, allowing the interplay of samples to create something both familiar and divergent, enabling the mention of symmetry to emphasize its opposite.


released August 3, 2017

art by mich cervantes



all rights reserved


buwanbuwancollective Philippines

Buwan-Buwan is a traditional Filipino game that enacts the lunar eclipse. Players draw a circle on the ground representing the moon, and must stay inside this circle. Meanwhile, one player acts as the Bakunawa, the mythical giant sea serpent who would eat the moon: he may not enter the circle, but must touch another player who is inside it in order to switch places. ... more

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